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About Chloe

Chloe Hart

I have been working as an holistic therapist since 2005. In 2010 I qualified in massage, working with functional anatomy, fascia and musculoskeletal injuries. In 2018 I began teaching Pilates learning more about movement and its incredible benefits. As Joseph Pilates said,


“Change happens through movement

and movement heals.”

The human body is a compelling mystery and there are gentle, holistic ways in which to promote healing and encourage better health. I believe Everyone can feel better than they do today!

I strive to create an environment that is holistic in nature, encompassing intelligence, warmth and practicality.

My aim is to facilitate healing with Movement based therapies and strengthening and mobility exercises that provide relief and restoration, while offering necessary postural and lifestyle suggestions that may improve the benefits of treatment, allowing clients to embrace a healthy life today.


With a background in classical ballet, Martha Graham technique and martial arts, I have a keen interest in how the body moves and helping it move through its limitations to greater freedom, range of motion, flexibility and strength. 


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VTCT L3 Sports Massage, awarded 2012

VTCT L3 Swedish Massage, awarded 2010

Certificate in Myofascial Release, awarded 2019

Certificate in Pregnancy Massage, awarded 2013

Certificate in Hot Stones Massage, awarded 2016

Certified Balanced Body Pilates Instructor,

awarded 2019

Level 4 Certificate in Pilates Therapy, awarded 2022


Advanced clinical massage therapy

Functional anatomy

Pilates therapy

Here are some of the clients I have the privilege of working with…


dancers, soldiers, gardeners, triathletes, disabled athletes, swimmers, mums, dads, runners, cyclists, office workers, personal trainers, martial artists, shop workers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, osteopaths, dentists, stunt horse riders, university students, young athletes, quilters, knitters, mechanics, joiners, scientists…

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