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Day after day for over a year the kitchen table has doubled as your desk while you are hunched over working from home through three lockdowns; moving less and finding little time for exercise and taking time for yourself. Maybe working from home used to seem easier,  but the reality is, it's been harder on you than you thought it would be.

If you're body is feeling stiff and achy, if your mind is feeling anxious

and out of control with no end in sight, keep reading...

The good news is, we can help! 

Bodyworks is offering you the chance to try a complimentary Pilates class in Selby centre. This is the perfect class if you've never tried Pilates before, or if you have wanted to try it for a while or even if you've done Pilates before and are looking for a class to join. 

During the class you will get a well-earned break from your desk and get moving, stretching and ironing out the stiff, achy body you've lived in for over a year. Focussing on movement will feel good, sooth the anxiety and re-energise you. 

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