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Pregnancy Massage

Touch the body

Heal the mind

Calm the spirit

Pregnancy is a very physical time for a woman. Your muscles and hormones are changing to accommodate your baby. This can bring on weakness, tightness and issues like carpal tunnel syndrome and low back pain. 

Massage can help your body adapt to these changes. I use a tailored blend of techniques to give you exactly what you need on the day. Every treatment is different and specific to your needs whether that's pain management, relaxation or a bit of both. 

Pregnancy massage is best started after your third month and continued monthly until you deliver. Over the course of your pregnancy, your body will change in many ways, movement will be more restricted and different, sleeping position changes and carrying the extra weight of the baby can cause discomfort. By having a massage every month,  you maintain physical care for your body throughout your pregnancy. 

Every massage appointment includes a consultation, manual treatment and access to aftercare advice, stretches and exercises.

Your consultation may last 15-30 minutes depending on how much we have to discuss. It could include a range of motion assessment, discussion of your symptoms, injuries, exercise and general health. You will receive a registration form (new clients only) online to fill out, which can be emailed back to me once completed. 

Aftercare advice is available and will be discussed immediately after your treatment. My aim is to make that "massage glow" last as long as possible. 

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