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Risk Assessment


  • I am allowed to return to work

  • I’ve read the guidelines and checked that my insurance will cover me as I follow the guidelines

  • Covid10 client screening doc + online consultation with client

  • Advise clients that details may need to be reported to test and trace

Client attendance at clinic

  • Clients are advised to arrive on time – not early or late

  • Procedure: enter the building and use the hand sanitiser at the top of the stairs, take a seat in reception, do not bring a +1 unless absolutely necessary


 Client entrance to premises

  • Front door to clinic, up the stairs (with hand rail), sanitiser station, reception, treatment room

  • Touch points: front door handle (both outside and inside as not an automatic door), stair railing, door frames, reception chair, loo door handles (inside and out), toilet, sink, lightswitch, door frame, mirror


 Reception desk

  • Touchpoints: desk, chair, blue cupboard, phone, printer, pens, drawers

  • I have removed all pens and paper from the desktop


Waiting area

  • Touchpoints: door frames, metal chairs, window, windowsill, reception desk

  • I have removed all magazines, tissues, business cards, water

  • I have advised clients not to come early or late – to avoid crossover with other clients and to minimise people sitting in reception which is a shared area for other therapist’s clients. Only two metal chairs are available in reception.


Bathroom facilities

  •  Touchpoints: door handles, toilet, sink, light switch, small sanitary product bin, loo roll, disposable paper towels, sink handles, mirror

  • I have removed the hand-towel and replaced with disposable towels

  • A hand washing sign with instructions has been posted

  • A touch free soap dispenser has been installed over the sink


Surface areas including desk, retail space and walls in clinic/reception

  •  Touchpoints: door frames, walls, door handles, metal reception chairs, reception desk, loo (as described above), railing down the stairs, front door handles


Client seating

  •  Metal wipeable seating in reception and wipeable metal and wood seating in treatment room

  • Only two chairs available, spread out so not next to each other


Storage of client’s belongings

  •  Plastic box for client’s clothing inside treatment room


 Massage couch, linen, equipment

  •  Touchpoints: massage couch, desk, client’s chair, box for clothes, large cupboard for linen storage, large filing cabinet, walls, door frames, laundry basket, mirror

  • Massage couch: Clean linen, couch roll, face covers, pillowcases, vinyl pillows and bolsters where possible. Linen changed for each client.

  • Laundry to be folded into the centre to remove, stored in covered container until washed. Vinyl pillows if possible. Waterproof covers on all pillows that are not vinyl and with a pillowcase as well.


Following treatment

  •  Complete cleaning of the room and couch: wipe couch down, new linens for each client, fold old linens into the centre and place in covered laundry basket, wipe down desk, chair, mirror and cupboard, box for clothes, all touchpoints (as above), dispenser bottles, dispose of gloves, change shirt, clean visor, dispose of and change mask, open window to ventilate room, wipe down of loo after client leaves


Cleansing of premises

  • Cleaning of the treatment room (as above) at start and end of day and between each client

  • After client has left: wipe down of loo, reception chairs, handrail and front door handles inside and out


Ventilating clinic/practice room

  • Treatment room window opened throughout treatment for ventilation

  • Treatment room window wide open for at least 15 mins between clients


Therapist’s hygiene protocols

  • Thoroughly wash and sterlise hands before and after each client

  • Remove jewellery and tie hair back

  • Nails short and cleaned

  • Change shirt between clients


Use of massage medium

  • In pump dispensers: massage oil, Naqi cream

  • In tubs: massage wax – this will be pre-dispensed on a clean plate using a disposable ladle

  • Hot stones are washed thoroughly with hot soapy water and then air dried after each use. They are boiled in water and placed in a cleanly lined (with aluminium foil) heated case that is set for 50C at the start of each massage (which uses the stones)


Personal Care

  • Monitoring own symptoms

  • Staying away from work if I feel unwell

  • Keeping my environment at work and at home healthy and clean


Client Consultation

  • Consultation is done online or by phone before the appointment

  • Forms: for a new client: comprehensive intake form, covid-19 symptoms and declaration form.  For a follow up client: Notes made in their chart, covid-19 symptoms and declaration form



  • Bank transfer ahead of appt

  • Contactless card machine

  • Cash if they must – no change offered – cash deposited into specific envelope


Covid-19 specific contra-indications

  •  With GP approval only: those over 70years, pregnant women

  • Anyone with underlying medical problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease and cancer.


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