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Pilates App Instructions

Please find below the instructions for

booking classes and finding information

on your Acuity booking app. 

Please read through ALL the instructions.

To start, download the free app. Confusingly, there are two Acuity apps a white one and a black one. The white one is my admin app and the black one is for booking classes. 

Acuity 10

Open the app to book your classes. The first time you use the app, you will need to click the + sign at the top right to add my business name. After the first use, the name should come up automatically. 

Acuity 1

Once you click on Bodyworks, you will see a list of classes. Each class level is indicated by a bright letter: B-beginners, I-improvers, K-kit class, Z-zoom class. You will also see the class name and time above the letter. 


Click the sign up button and the next screen will show you which class you chose at the top as well as your details below. Next, click on the redeem coupon or package button

On the next screen click the redeem coupon or package button

You will see a new line that asks for your code or email. Insert your email and click the Apply button.

The next screen shows you a summary of your account and how many hours you have left on your membership for the month. **Be aware that at this point you have NOT finished booking your class and the summary shown (in hours remaining) will reduce by one hour once you complete your booking. ** 

Click the Complete Appointment button. 

Your final screen shows your class confirmation, how many hours you have left on your membership for the month and your renewal date. 

When you open the app, you will see four icons at the bottom of your screen. Each icon takes you to a different part of the app giving you information on my business name, your upcoming and past classes, your subscription, and your account login if you have registered an account. You will also see these icons after you complete your booking. 

Acuity 11