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Pilates client

Before trying Pilates, I had pain in my upper and lower back and poor posture while sitting at my desk at work, which made the pain worse. 

I was nervous about attending my first class as I didn't know anyone take the class. But I was excited to try something new!

After my first class I started to be aware of my body posture, muscles and balance and how I was using them daily. 

Chloe's Pilates class is relaxing and mentally gives me a break from the world. I'm happy that questions are encouraged and welcomed and value what I'm learning about my body and how I move. 

Pilates client

Hi. I'm Colin Littler I'm 68 and I have just cycled from Lands end to John O'Groats. 973 miles in 9 days. 

I want to give a big shout out and thank you to Chloe Hart at Bodyworks for her wonderful Pilates classes, first on Zoom then in real life which gave a huge boost to my flexibility and core strength which helped me stay on my bike for up to 10 hours a day for 9 consecutive days.

During my training for the event Chloe's skills as a Sports Massage Therapist were extremely useful in sorting any injuries or strains that developed and I can highly recommend her professionalism and knowledge.

Pilates Therapy client


Before I started Pilates Therapy, I had a lot of pain and not much mobility.

Attending 1:1 sessions with Chloe means we specifically target problem areas and I leave feeling better from the session.

Chloe sends me homework via email with written instructions and notes and cues we've discussed during the session. It's easy to follow.

My best outcome from Pilates Therapy has been less sciatica and overall pain as well as improved core and muscle strength.

Pilates client

 have been doing Pilates with Chloe for around 3 years now. I wanted to improve my strength and flexibility, as well as improve the lower back pain that was hindering me on a daily basis. Well, I managed to achieve all of these things and now I take for granted the benefits of regular pilates which, help when doing things around the house like gardening and when I'm out running or on my bike. The classes are a lovely environment, where everyone is able to perform at their own level and are lots of fun. They also are great

mentally, helping me switch off and relax after a stressful day at work. Chloe has also

helped me with massage to loosen up my back and leaves me feeling pain free.

Massage client

Three years ago, I had a sever episode of sciatica. I was unable to work for 3 months and pain seriously affected every aspect of my life  keeping me awake at night, restricting movement and creating a low mood. 

I was in such distress. Chloe's approachable, warm, friendly character helped me ask for help. Seeing Chloe for massage helped me enormously! Incorporating stretches she suggested and starting Pilates classes with Chloe helped strengthen my core and protect my back. 

Gradually over several months the pain subsided; my movement and mobility were restored. With Chloe's help, my problem has been solved. I live a normal lifestyle and massage and Pilates are an integral part of it. Thank you!!

Pilates client

Before trying Pilates, I had constant pain in my lower back. It was always there and limited my movement, my sleep and my activity levels. 

Going into my first class, I was worried I wouldn't be able to complete the class as it had been so long since I had done any exercise. 

The day after my first class I realised I had never been in Less pain in my life! It was the best feeling!

Chloe's Pilates class is a lot of fun and it's not your typical kind of exercise classe. It's more engaging and Chloe makes it easy to follow, even on Zoom! 

Massage client

Chloe's been my go to massage therapist for a number of years now. I can't recommend her highly enough. 

Massage client

I’ve had a few sports massages with Chloe now and have to say each time I feel better and better! 

She is so friendly and professional, always confirming how things have been since my last treatment and making sure the right areas are treated. I leave the sessions feeling like new and am improving each time. It’ll take a while, my muscles are sore from not being treated properly for years but I trust Chloe to understand what I need and how much work I need on each area. 

Her knowledge is amazing, this isn’t a beauty massage but a proper deep tissue massage. Chloe always checks in with me during the treatments to make sure her pressure is right and knows exactly which areas to treat to make me whole again.

Thanks so much Chloe, I’m walking tall again because of you!

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