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Pilates 1:1 Sessions

Pilates is most often done in a class setting. The low impact exercises provide a full body workout to improve your strength, core, flexibility and concentration. The size of a class depends on the Studio and the teacher. 

Not everyone wants to join a class. Some prefer more individual attention. Pilates 1:1 sessions give you exactly that.

Learning the basic Pilates exercises can be challenging. Learning them on a 1:1 basis is a great way to learn them slowly and practice them at home to you feel confident you are doing them correctly. 


We start by discussing your needs and follow that on with a movement assessment. Whether your aim is to join classes at some point or to just work on specific issues, we know what we're working towards. Having specific, measurable goals allow us to track your progress and focus on what you are aiming towards. Seeing your progress can help keep you motivated to keep going. 

Each session is tailored to increase your strength, core, flexibility, posture and toning. We focus on weak areas so you feel stronger and more stable, while working at your own pace. 

Even if you are an absolute beginner, 1:1 sessions can help. 

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