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Terms of Service

Services offered by Bodyworks include massage treatment and Pilates instruction. These services are held at different locations and online.


Massage services are hands on treatment which require a registration form about your general health history and lifestyle and an interview to assess your condition prior to each treatment. If deemed necessary, authorisation for the massage will be sought from your GP or health professional. If it its deemed unsafe, treatment will not be provided.

If I feel you are unwell, treatment will not be provided.

Pilates instruction is given 1:1 and in class format. Classes are held on Zoom and in a studio. Students are required to fill out a registration form to assess the safety and suitability of the class for them. 

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are acknowledging that you have read, agreed to and accepted all of the terms. You are responsible for full payment of fees for your chosen package regardless of whether you attend. No refund will be given for missed sessions. This includes unforeseen circumstances including illness or injury. The program is designed to give you consistent teaching to make sure you achieve the best results possible.

Your subscription is like a punch card. You can use your classes anytime you want - you aren't limited to using one a week. If you are going to miss a class, feel free to catch up by taking an extra class sometime within the four weeks. There are seven classes to choose from per week. You don't have to take the same class each week. Just sign up for the classes you want in order to attend. Classes not used within the four weeks cannot be carried over to the next subscription period. Subscriptions are renewed every four weeks automatically.

Subscriptions are non-transferable. By agreeing to these T&Cs you understand that Bodyworks may, at it's sole discretion, terminate this agreement and limit or suspend or terminate your participation in the program without refund if you become aggressive, disruptive or difficult to work with.

Cancelling subscriptions needs to be done in writing before the last week of your current subscription.

By participating in class, you are agreeing that you are healthy enough to do the exercises, that you agree to stop any exercise that causes you pain and by taking class you are not going against the guidance of your GP.

Data Protection

You personal data is used for our purposes only to inform your treatment/class work, provide contact details, allow us to contact you with services, changes and offers - if you subscribe to our newsletter. I will never share or sell your data. for more information, please see our Privacy Policy page. 


Massage treatments can be paid for ahead of the appointment or on the day of the appointment. Payment must be settled before or directly after the treatment. Payment can be made online using the payment link in you appointment reminder. 

If massage treatments are not paid, all further treatments will be suspended until the original treatment has been paid. If treatments are regularly left unpaid (regular means more than one occurrence), Bodyworks may take the decision to cancel all further treatments, classes and associations with that client.

Pilates classes are payable ahead of sessions and on a six-weekly basis. Clients book their packages and classes via the Acuity app (available on my website on the Classes page or via the Acuity app). Payment is made online via Stripe. Once a package is purchased, it is renewed on a six-weekly rolling basis. Clients have the option to change or cancel their subscription. 

Classes cannot be attended without purchase of a package and registration of individual classes. A link will be sent to the client when payment had been made and classes have been chosen. Classes must be scheduled a minimum of 3 hours before the start time.

There are no refunds given for classes, packages or massage treatments. Where it is possible, rescheduling appointments or classes may be done. 

Service & Guarantees

​Bodyworks endeavours to provide the best possible service at all times. Treatments, classes and exercises are individually tailored to the specific needs of the clients. No guarantees are given that treatment or class work will 'heal, cure or fix' issues the client is experiencing. Services are delivered with the client's best health, care and interests first and foremost. 

Delivery of Services

​All treatments and classes are scheduled and will be delivered at the agreed upon time. If I am unable to deliver at the agreed upon time, I will contact you using the details you provided on your registration form to tell you when we can reschedule. If a specific class is not being offered, alternative classes will be available during the week. If classes are unavailable for an extended period of time, subscriptions will be suspended and reinstated when classes resume. 


​If a client wishes to cancel a massage treatment, they must give no less than 24 hours notice. Any less will incur full charge for the treatment. If I am unable to keep the appointment, then there will be no charge and a new appointment will be agreed between myself and the client; at which time payment will be due as stated above. 

If a client wishes to cancel a Pilates package, they can do so but no refund will be given for classes unused. Cancellation of packages must be done by week four of the six week term or another term will be billed.

Applicable by law

By visiting this website, you agree that the laws of the United Kingdom, without regard to principles of conflict laws, will govern these terms of service, or any dispute of any sort that might come between Bodyworks/Chloe Hart and you, or its business partners and associates.

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