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Pilates Therapy

Regular, chronic pain and discomfort can be exhausting. Movement patterns change as we get older and work through issues. Our bodies will change to help keep us out of pain; but not all movement patterns are helpful. 

People of all ages experience pain, discomfort or chronic aching. This pattern is exhausting and comes in many forms impacting your life in many ways.

Pilates Therapy takes a holistic view of your physical symptoms. We do a full assessment looking at all your movement patterns, ease of movement, discomfort points and blocks. We are also thinking about your daily life - what kind of job do you do, how long do you sit or stand each day, what kind of exercise do you get regularly, and many other things.

The better the picture the better we can help you correct your movement patterns or recover from surgery or injury. 

We start with a full assessment of your movement and a full case history. Once we are able to see what's happening, we create a tailored treatment plan and start working towards your goals to help you get moving more easily, with fewer restrictions and less discomfort and pain. 

Pilates Therapy sessions are done 1:1 and in person. We want to give you our complete focus so you have the best possible chance of improving. At each session we go over the exercises you were given previously and then decide whether to progress or stick with the current plan. We assess where we are in relation to your movement and recovery goals so we make sure we are on track to get you fit. 

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Before I started Pilates Therapy, I had a lot of pain and not much mobility.

Attending 1:1 sessions with Chloe means we specifically target problem areas and I leave feeling better from the session.

Chloe sends me homework via email with written instructions and notes and cues we've discussed during the session. It's easy to follow.

My best outcome from Pilates Therapy has been less sciatica and overall pain as well as improved core and muscle strength.

Ruth, Pilates Therapy Client

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