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I will be offering a neck and shoulder workshop on Saturday 18th February. This workshop will include some basic anatomy in relation to issues and injuries I see regularly in the clinic and a stretch and release session at the end.

So often we don't have enough information to understand what is happening when we get pain or are injured. If you understand what's happening in your body, then it's easier to visualise the site and understand the therapy while you are doing the exercises. 


This is a great workshop for anyone interested in keeping their neck and shoulders in working order and anyone who wants to understand common issues with these joints.

There are only 10 places available. From now  (2nd Feb 2023) until next Wed (8th Feb 2023), I am offering an early bird special price of £20 for this workshop. After the 8th, the cost will be £25 for this 90 minute workshop. 

This workshop is in-person only and will not be available on Zoom. 

If you want to book your place, click on the button on the right to book your space. 

Neck & shoulder pain
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