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How will you End 2022 and Begin 2023?

The end of the year is a great time for reflection. Looking back, how do you feel about 2022? Did you have intentions/goals that you achieved, or things you are still working towards? Did you stay on the path you set for yourself?

It's easy to forget the intentions we set at the start of the year. Checking in with yourself regularly is an easy way to keep moving towards what you want. How do you want to end 2022? On track, moving forwards, with a plan for 2023?

Personally I don't make New Year resolutions. Somewhere in my mind, they don't mean enough to track and keep up with, so I'm always disappointed when I don't do them.

But I'm a big believer in planning long term - this can be for business or your personal life, a holiday, wedding, exercise plan... You have all the control here!

I make an over all plan and then cut it into smaller pieces by month, week and day. This works well for me as it's pre-written (which takes time and consideration) and all I have to do is follow the plan.

I also don't save reflection for the end of the year. Reflection can be done daily, weekly, monthly... As long as I'm looking back at what my intention/goal was, then I can see where I started and how far I've come. Is my plan working, or does it need some adjustment? Is it a viable plan - as in, have I put in too many things and it's not possible to do them all, or have I made it do-able?

How do you want to start 2023?

What does that first quarter/month/week look like for you?

Will a long-term plan help you achieve? Do you need smaller steps to follow?

In terms of exercise and self care, how will invest in yourself in 2023? Classes? Massage? Gym? Walking? Spa? How many times a week will you exercise? How often during the week do you practice self care? What do you need to make these things happen?

Whatever your plan, I encourage you to write it down. Put it somewhere you will see daily. Check in with your plan to see how you're doing. And give yourself a pat on the back when you achieve the things you worked towards.

Have a fabulous 2023!

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