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Be Like A Bear

Bears hibernate. If you have seen the film Over The Hedge you will know that bears do not like to be woken early. I can resonate with that!

January feels like a hibernation month to me. The weather is cold, I've celebrated and eaten loads of food at Christmas and slept a lot. January feels like a good month for a nap.

This year I decided to start my year off slowly. So I'm easing myself back into work. It's working marvellously! Not only have I given myself a month to prep for the new year, but because I haven't been harsh on myself, I'm actually getting more done in a relaxed way.

Do you feel like this? What is your January schedule like?

It can be this way with exercise too. Maybe returning to the gym is part of your NY resolution, but you haven't gone yet. Maybe what you need is some easy, stretching rather than a hiit class, or a gentle walk or a long walk.

Maybe you need to eat healthy foods that appeal to you instead of starting on a strict diet, or cutting back on the Christmas food and drink, but allowing yourself some small indulgences.

I'm a firm believer in doing what feels right for your body.

However you approach January this year, be kind to yourself and others. We are all waking up to a new year that can be fabulous with the right mindset.

Happy New Year!

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