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Pilates Therapy...What?

Everyone understands what you mean when you say 'Pilates class'. But many people don't understand the term 'Pilates Therapy'.

Pilates therapy is designed to help rehabilitate injury, post surgical recovery, imbalance in the body, pain, poor core or strength and inflexibility.

Although all of these things happen in a class, Pilates therapy is more specific to the individual.

Pilates therapy starts with a full body assessment of your movement to determine where weaknesses are and where you are feeling discomfort.

Once the assessment is completed, we talk through what I'm seeing and then we agree on a goal for your therapy program. This gives focus to the sessions.

Over the course of six sessions - which can be done weekly or spread out - I design sessions that are tailored to you always moving you towards the goal we discussed. I send homework to you with exercise descriptions, videos (if possible), and cues to remember what we worked on in the session.

Over the weeks, you start to see changes. You get stronger, fitter, have less pain and move more easily.

One of the most important, and best, things about Pilates therapy is that it is all done face to face. No phone appointments or exercises given without seeing you in person. This makes the therapy and changes more efficient.

The aim is to get you moving and feeling better.

If you are interested in trying Pilates therapy, get in touch to book your assessment or ask any questions.

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