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Yakety Yak...

Tomorrow is a day that celebrates sharing and listening. #TimeToTalk is a mental health awareness day encouraging people to talk, listen and change lives.

Maybe you love to talk to people - about anything. But listening can be challenging. Maybe you are a great listener - but prefer to observe rather than speak. It's important to hear to what people are really saying. It can be life-saving to spend time listening to someone else who needs the support.

I come from a long line of talkers. My mother's side of the family can talk your ear off! I never realised what a skill it took to be able to speak to anyone, anywhere. Family functions were always full of chatting, gossiping, expressing ideas and laughter.

Along with all this talking, they were very good at listening. They really heard what you said and if they didn't understand, they would ask questions to make sure they did. They sympathised, empathised and had your back.

I learned a lot from my family! I'm so grateful I had these experiences growing up. There is really power in both words and silence.

Talking and listening can help resolve issues, create options and decisions, share a mental load, express yourself, help someone else express themselves, be inclusive, make friends, break the ice, empathise, learn and make connections.

So chit chat, yakety yak, bend an ear...lend an ear, pin your ears back and tune in.

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